Direct from the Studio: More. Helvetica. Now.

Charles Nix, Creative Type Director at the Monotype Studio, takes us on a journey through the evolution of Helvetica®, from its earliest beginnings through to where we are today—the powerful and functional Helvetica Now Variable.

Brand Talks Connected.

Brand Talks Connected brings our popular Brand Talks format—keynote, branding presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A—directly to you. 

Introduction to Brand Talks 2022.

Alice Palmer, SVP Marketing, Monotype kicks off Brand Talks in March 2022.

Keynote at Brand Talks: Bel Air, the Ultra Throne Experience.

Cristina Pandol, VP Creative, Brand and Entertainment Marketing, Westbrook Media, delivers the keynote presentation at Brand Talks in March 2022.

M&M'S Rebrand at Brand Talks.

Steffi Marty, Global Director of Brand Identity & Design, Mars, is joined by Kristie Malivindi, Design Director and Lilia Quinaud, Senior Designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie to discuss the discuss the purpose, process and results from their work on the M&M’S redesign at Brand Talks in March, 2022.

Trends panel discussion at Brand Talks.

Phil Garnham, Creative Type Director at Monotype, moderates an engaging discussing with notable panelists Louise Sloper, Creative Director & Founder, Here.We.Go. Studio; Mark Wood, Senior Creative Director, Superunion; and Sam Cutler, Creative Director, Design Bridge.

Shutterstock × Monotype Webinar: Visual trends in 2021.

Join Monotype & Shutterstock on this live webinar and discover the trends driving branding and design today, and take a look at what’s on the horizon for 2021 and beyond.

Burger King Redesign at Brand Talks Connected.

Jackie Rodríguez and Daniel Stettner, Senior Designers at Jones Knowles Ritchie, discuss the purpose, process and results from their work on the Burger King redesign at Brand Talks Connected on June 10, 2021.